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Behold: Mr. Monster! Built from 3mm Commercial Industrial Tubing. Designed in Canada. Introducing the Mr. Monster Commercial Smith Machine, the ultimate complete commercial system for your home gym. Combining the versatility of dual cable columns with the benefits of the Smith machine, this all-in-one functional trainer offers improved stability.   ...
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Behold: Mr. Monster! Built from 3mm Commercial Industrial Tubing. Designed in Canada.

Introducing the Mr. Monster Commercial Smith Machine, the ultimate complete commercial system for your home gym. Combining the versatility of dual cable columns with the benefits of the Smith machine, this all-in-one functional trainer offers improved stability.   

Balance, and a wide range of exercise options, all without breaking the bank. It's no wonder why the Mr. Monster Commercial Smith Machine is one of our best-selling commercial units. Get ready to take your home gym to the next level with this exceptional piece of equipment.

At BEFitnow, we pride ourselves on our commitment to innovation and meeting the needs of our customers. As the only company in Canada continually improving and adapting our machines, we offer unlimited customizations to ensure the perfect fit for your fitness goals. And the best part? Our custom-built machines are offered at the same price with quick lead times, providing you with a personalized workout experience like no other.


 Precision Engineered With Laser Cut Engravings: The Mr. Monster Commercial Smith Machine is built to exacting standards with laser-cut engravings, ensuring precision and durability in every aspect of its design.

 Linear Bearings for the Smoothest Experience: Experience smooth and fluid movements during your workouts, thanks to the high-quality linear bearings incorporated into the Mr. Monster Commercial Smith Machine. Say goodbye to jerky motions and focus on maximizing your strength training.

 High Tensile Military Grade Cables: The machine utilizes high-tensile military-grade cables, known for their exceptional strength and reliability. These cables provide a secure and stable workout environment, allowing you to push yourself to the limit with confidence.

 Versatile Attachments: The Mr. Monster Commercial Smith Machine comes with a range of attachments, including J hooks, spotter arms, landmine, leg support, lat bar, low pulley bar, flying bird handles, tri rope, tricep bar, knee raise dip bars, and more. With this extensive selection, you can perform a wide variety of exercises targeting different muscle groups for a well-rounded workout.

 Leather Constructed Rollers: Unlike foam rollers that tend to break down over time, the Mr. Monster Commercial Smith Machine features leather-constructed rollers. These durable rollers ensure smooth and reliable movement, providing long-lasting performance.

 Leg Press Attachment: Easily removable and installable, the leg press attachment expands your exercise options, allowing you to target your lower body and add variety to your workouts.

 Adjustable Functional Trainer at 2:1 Ratio: The functional trainer on the Mr. Monster Commercial Smith Machine offers adjustable settings at a 2:1 ratio, providing versatile resistance for a range of exercises and accommodating users of different fitness levels.

 Lat Pulldown and Low Row Station at a 1:1 Ratio: Benefit from the lat pulldown and low row station, which operates at a 1:1 ratio, ensuring optimal resistance and engaging your back muscles effectively.

 Plate Storage Pegs and Resistance Band Pegs: The machine includes six steel plate storage pegs, keeping your weights organized and easily accessible. Additionally, four resistance band pegs allow for assisted pull-ups, offering a customizable workout experience.

 Built-in Lat Machine with Low Pulley: The Mr. Monster Commercial Smith Machine features a built-in lat machine with a low pulley attachment, providing even more exercise options to target your back and upper body.

 Weight Stack Option: Choose from a weight stack option for the lat portion of the machine. Opt for either 132lbs or 264lbs of cast iron weight stacks to maximize your workouts and continually challenge yourself.

 Plate Loaded Option: For those seeking additional weight options, the plate-loaded option allows you to add more weights to your exercises, catering to your strength progression.


  • Weight Rating: 1500lbs+ 
  • Heavy Duty Rectangular Tubing: 3mm/11 Gauge (Our competitors use 2mm) 
  • Floor Space Dimensions: 62" Length x 60" Width x 86" Height
  • Overall Dimensions: 86" x 86" x 86"
  • Steel Columns: 2" Steel Columns 
  • Solid Steel Construction
  • Machine Weight: 900lbs+


The Mr. Monster Commercial Smith Machine is designed to withstand heavy use and deliver outstanding performance. With its robust construction, durable materials, and impressive weight rating, it offers the stability and reliability necessary for intense workouts.

Invest in the Mr. Monster Commercial Smith Machine and bring the power of a commercial gym to your home. Experience the versatility, durability, and customization options that set this machine apart. With the Mr. Monster Commercial Smith Machine, you can take your strength training to new heights and achieve your fitness goals with confidence. Get ready to unleash the beast within you with Mr. Monster!

Unlimited Customizations, Unlimited Possibilities!

Customize your machine to fit your home gym by customizing the colour and fabric. From dozens of different configurations to choose from, we are the only company in Canada offering custom colours on commercial trainers and smith machines! Feel free to contact us about what customizations we can offer on your all in one trainer

Functional Trainers and Smith Machines

All custom colours, fabrics, and upgraded weight stacks are made to order and take roughly 60 days for production plus shipping time. 60 days is a rough estimate and can vary due to global circumstances. Please order as soon as possible for custom orders as even waiting one day can make a difference as it all depends on shipping schedules. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at any time at

This product is backed up by our lifetime hassle-free warranty. We stand by all our products and make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase

A lifetime warranty covers all components of the products under regular usage. We do not believe in a "Structural" warranty but believe in covering the entire product from defects. Befitnow Canada will not cover cosmetics as part of the warranty. We ensure that our products meet commercial and residential standards across Canada and US. We will always assist and ensure that your product is functioning as per requirements.

All parts are regularly stocked or can be easily obtained. We will cover all shipping costs for parts. We will never request for money from the customer if the claim is under warranty

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Customer Reviews

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Finally don’t miss the gym

Have been working out at home for the past 10 years with a Bowflex but always missed the gym. Literally just finished putting it together and I’m excited for my first workout on it!

Solid as a rock!

Dave Henry
Don't Hesitate

Guys if you're looking to build yourself a quality home gym,Go with Befitnow!Daniel has gave me an incredible service,answered all of my question and always in a short period of time.I bought the Mr.Monster and honestly,it has changed my life.Me and wife can work out without leaving home,and thats very convenient being parents of 2 kids.The quality of the Mr.Monster is insane,couldn't have dreamed better,all my friends are jealous ;) Dont hesitate guys,The Mr Monster is the ultimate home gym!!

Josh Mousseau
Great Machine

The Mr. Monster is an awesome machine, I can do anything I want with it right at home. Good service if you have questions/concerns with quick responses. I would recommend this machine

Martin St-Jean
Very good service

I bought machine and it really solid. this machine meets all the needs for strength training to build a well-cut and muscular body. Mutaz and his team came to install it at home in Quebec, everything was done with care and meticulousness. appreciated Befitnow's expert service. customer service will answer all your questions. the best place to buy fitness equipment.

Andrei Petrov

The best thing I've ever bought, without a doubt. You can work every muscle in your body for a thorough core exercise with this machine's versatility. The machine is incredibly stable, comfortable, and easy to operate. Similar equipment sells for almost twice as much. Buy with confidence.