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The Relentless Trainer Smith Machine: The Ultimate All-in-One Commercial Strength Training System Welcome to BEFitnow, where we bring you the most advanced, rigid, and highest weight-rated patent-pending commercial machines on the market. Introducing The Relentless Trainer Smith Machine, an unrivaled all-in-one trainer designed to elevate your strength training to new...
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The Relentless Trainer Smith Machine: The Ultimate All-in-One Commercial Strength Training System

Welcome to BEFitnow, where we bring you the most advanced, rigid, and highest weight-rated patent-pending commercial machines on the market. Introducing The Relentless Trainer Smith Machine, an unrivaled all-in-one trainer designed to elevate your strength training to new heights. With its robust construction, impressive weight stack, and versatile features, The Relentless Trainer is the epitome of durability, functionality, and performance. Experience the most advanced commercial trainer available and unleash your full potential.



Adjustable Dual Cable System with Laser Engraved Numbers: The Relentless Trainer Smith Machine features an adjustable dual cable system with laser-engraved numbers. This allows for precise and easy weight selection, ensuring a seamless and efficient workout experience.

Enhanced Weighted Counterbalanced Smith Bar: The included counterbalanced Smith bar enhances stability and control during exercises. For those who prefer a traditional barbell experience, the counterbalance can be removed, providing you with flexibility and customization options.

8 Plate Storage Configurations Made from Steel: Keep your weights organized and easily accessible with the eight plate storage configurations. Constructed from durable steel, these storage options are designed to withstand heavy use and provide convenient access to your weights during your workouts.

Military Grade Nylon Coated Cables: The Relentless Trainer Smith Machine is equipped with military-grade nylon-coated cables, known for their exceptional strength and durability. These cables provide smooth and reliable performance, ensuring a safe and effective workout session.

Lat Machine with Low Pulley System: Enhance your back and upper body workouts with the built-in lat machine and low pulley system. Target various muscle groups and perform a wide range of exercises to achieve a well-rounded physique.

176lbs * 3 Cast Iron Weight Stack, Upgradeable to 265lbs per side: With an impressive 176lbs * 3 cast iron weight stack, The Relentless Trainer provides you with ample resistance to challenge your muscles. Additionally, the weight stack is upgradeable to 265lbs per side, catering to your increasing strength and endurance.

Free Colour Customization: Personalize your Relentless Trainer Smith Machine with free color customization. Choose the color that best suits your style and preferences, making your machine truly unique.



  • Floor Space Dimensions: 62" Length x 60" Width x 86" Height
  • Total Dimensions: 86" x 86" x 86"

Weight Rating: 2200lbs+

Super Heavy Duty Rectangular Steel 3mm Steel: The Relentless Trainer is constructed from super heavy-duty rectangular steel with a thickness of 3mm (10/11 gauge). This robust frame provides exceptional stability and durability, ensuring the machine can handle even the most rigorous workouts.

176lbs x 3 Weight Stack, Upgradeable to 265lbs x 3: The machine comes with a 176lbs * 3 weight stack, offering substantial resistance for your workouts. Furthermore, you have the option to upgrade to a 265lbs * 3 weight stack on each side, providing even greater challenge and progression.

Commercially Sealed Bearing Pulleys: The Relentless Trainer utilizes commercially sealed bearing pulleys, known for their smooth and efficient operation. These pulleys minimize friction, allowing for fluid and controlled movements during your exercises.

Gross Weight: 1200lbs/1540lbs (One of The Heaviest Functional Trainer on the market): With a gross weight of 1200lbs/1540lbs, The Relentless Trainer is one of the heaviest functional trainers available. This robust construction ensures stability and sturdiness, allowing you to push your limits with confidence.



  • J hooks
  • Spotter arms
  • Leg pad
  • Lat bar
  • Tri rope
  • Tricep bar
  • Ab dip bars
  • Leg Press Attachment (can be easily removed and installed)
  • Easy clip collars
  • Landmine

With The Relentless Trainer Smith Machine, you'll experience the ultimate strength training system that offers unmatched versatility, durability, and performance. Elevate your workouts and achieve your fitness goals with this state-of-the-art machine from Befitnow. Unleash the relentless within you and take your training to a whole new level.

Unlimited Customizations, Unlimited Possibilities!

Customize your machine to fit your home gym by customizing the colour and fabric. From dozens of different configurations to choose from, we are the only company in Canada offering custom colours on commercial trainers and smith machines! Feel free to contact us about what customizations we can offer on your all in one trainer

Functional Trainers and Smith Machines

All custom colours, fabrics, and upgraded weight stacks are made to order and take roughly 60 days for production plus shipping time. 60 days is a rough estimate and can vary due to global circumstances. Please order as soon as possible for custom orders as even waiting one day can make a difference as it all depends on shipping schedules. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at any time at

This product is backed up by our lifetime hassle-free warranty. We stand by all our products and make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase

A lifetime warranty covers all components of the products under regular usage. We do not believe in a "Structural" warranty but believe in covering the entire product from defects. Befitnow Canada will not cover cosmetics as part of the warranty. We ensure that our products meet commercial and residential standards across Canada and US. We will always assist and ensure that your product is functioning as per requirements.

All parts are regularly stocked or can be easily obtained. We will cover all shipping costs for parts. We will never request for money from the customer if the claim is under warranty

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Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Delsun M
Daniel did not lie! THIS THING IS A BEAST

Ok. The only reason for the 4 stars is due to a couple cosmetic issues. The machine took over a month to arrive after ordering. It also arrived with a couple small rust spots on the stainless steel uprights. The finish is not quite there on the smith bar ends, and plate holders could be better. The finish on the jammer arms handles was rough and felt like little cuts in the hands from a rough finish not smooth or no knurling . Not a deal breaker.i got some heat shrink tubes for handles, works perfect and feels great. If your in the area for the white glove service. Iwould highly recommend it, this machine is very sturdy and heavy. Wish they didn't pre-assembled the sides was pretty heavy to get into the house. Instructions could be better and there was no instructions for the jammer arms. After all that. I LOVE THIS MACHINE. it has everything I need, everything feel so smooth and is worth the price.

Jaxon Nguyen

perfect machine for all my workout needs

Aisha Gupta

got this for my daughter and she loves it, she's been dreaming for a machine like this for a long time and it did not disappoint!

Kai Williams

Leg press is sturdy, cables feel durable, and overall this machine does not feel cheaply made. Very satisfied.

Leila Ahmed

very stylish, fit my home gym well, got the yellow variant.

Aaliyah Khan

Very nice.

Ava Kelly

Feels just as good as public gym machines! Really happy with this purchase

Andrew Davis

Everything I used to do in the gym I can do at home now. Great!

Victoria Sanchez

I've had this machine for over a year now and have had no issues whatsoever, had to come back to this site to share how satisfied I am!

Samuel Hill

very satisfied 👍