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BeFitNow Canada SL Fully Body Commercial Massage Chair | Remote Control | Multiple Programs Available Experience Ultimate Comfort and Wellness with the SL Fully Body Commercial Massage Chair Mastering the 4D Massage Experience Crafted through meticulous research of the human body, the Befitnow massage chair introduces the art of full...
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  • BeFitNow Canada SL Fully Body Commercial Massage Chair | Remote Control | Multiple Programs Available

    Experience Ultimate Comfort and Wellness with the SL Fully Body Commercial Massage Chair

    Mastering the 4D Massage Experience

    Crafted through meticulous research of the human body, the Befitnow massage chair introduces the art of full body massage. This revolutionary chair is not only designed but goods to perfection. It meticulously captures and stores data, offering tailor-made solutions that cater to every individual, thereby taking the massage experience to uncharted heights.

    Personalized Memory Programs

    Upon careful evaluation of all massage programs, we curate programs and massages that align perfectly with the user's mood and well-being

    Precision-Focused Massage

    Recognizing that we each have specific vulnerable, tense, or painful areas, a generalized massage may not always suffice. Enter the power of targeted precision. Befitnow empowers you with the option to select from five distinct areas of attention. The 'On Point' massage zeroes in on a designated area, diligently addressing blockages and discomfort unique to that region. The other four options include back massage, lower back massage, upper back massage, and a low-intensity back-and-forth localized massage. This deliberate approach significantly amplifies the effectiveness of resolving tightness and tension, ensuring an unparalleled relief.


    • Auto Body Scan Function
    • Space Saving Technology
    • SL-Track Massage From Neck To Backside, Full body Air Massage
    • 3 airbag intensity setting, Foot Massage Head Rolling & Shiatsu
    • 6 Massage Styles: shiatsu, tapping, knocking etc.
    • 10 Auto Massage Programs



    Zero Gravity Design

    Automatic footrest adjustment

    A massage chair stands as an intelligent machine, quick to tailor itself to the user's unique dimensions and weight. Crucial to this process is the scanning function, which ensures a precise fit. Equally important is the ability to extend the footrest. BeFitNow Canada takes this a step further, offering users the choice between automatic or manual extension of the footrest. This thoughtful feature truly encompasses the essence of adaptability, catering to diverse needs and preferences.

    Infusing Warmth into Every Moment

    A standout feature of this chair is the ability to amplify the benefits of the heat massage. With just a simple press of a button, you unlock the potential for enhanced blood circulation and soothing warmth across your back. The integration of a graphene resistor network delivers an immediate and remarkable sensation, ensuring an unparalleled comfort that envelops you.

    Each mode caters to different massage preferences and focuses on distinct aspects of relaxation and muscle relief.

    Specifications and Features that Speak Volumes:

    • Zero Gravity Design
    • Air pressure massage for shoulders, arms, hips, calf and feet
    • Heating functionality
    • Bluetooth
    • Extendable leg rest
    • 11 massage techniques
    • 10 auto programs
    • Size: 63"Length x 28" Width x 49"Height

    Significance of the Product: Nurturing Body and Mind


    1. Weightless massage : Prior to selecting the massage type or technique, you have the choice to embrace the "Zero Gravity" position. As you recline, the massage chair creates a sensation of weightlessness, inducing an immediate sense of security and unparalleled relaxation that remains constant throughout your session. Furthermore, when repositioned horizontally, this chair delivers an immersive floating sensation that deepens the state of relaxation. Notably, this massage chair offers two distinct anti-gravity positions, adding a dimension of versatility to your experience
    2. Airbags streching: The airbags assembly allows for the superior performance. Three massage levels of these airbags are set from the start, whole, only at the bottom and only at the top. Also, by adjusting five intensity levels of the air pressure, the airbags can offer a complete stretching program, including calf kneading and shoulder relaxation.
    3. Uncompromising Quality: Crafted from high-quality materials, this chair is resistant to bending and scratching. The premium PP material ensures a stable performance, maintaining its texture and integrity over time.
    4. Harmonizing Massage with Music: An emerging hallmark of contemporary massage chairs is the integration of sound systems and Bluetooth capabilities. However, It takes relaxation to new heights by seamlessly merging massage therapy with your preferred music or radio program. This is made possible through an exceptionally refined and precisely tuned audio system, enhancing your relaxation experience with an immersive symphony of sound.


    Why Choose the SL Fully Body Commercial Massage Chair

    11 massage techniques

    1. Kneading

    2. Patting I 3. Patting II

    4. Kneading and Patting

    5. Finger Pressing I 6. Finger Pressing II 7. Shoulder Grasp

    8. 4D I 9. 4D II 10. 4D III 11. 4D IV

    • Bluetooth Speaker
    • Leg Extention | Freely Retractable 20 cm



    Enhanced Massage Customization with 10 Pre-set Programs

    Befitnow introduces a dynamic 3D massage experience, thoughtfully adjustable across 5 distinct levels. Choose from a selection of 10 pre-set massage programs, carefully categorized into 5 comprehensive groups. This inclusive approach ensures that even the most discerning preferences are catered to. Among these categories, you'll find smart massages, those designed to invigorate, promote overall relaxation, or even personalized options for different family members. A 3D massage, technically intricate, encompasses a profound and invigorating surface massage, providing an especially intense and immersive experience.

    1. Neck Relax 2. Shoulder Care 3. Back Spa 

    5. Leg & Foot Relieve 6. Energy Boost 7. Lunch Break 8. Sweet Dream

    9. Relieve Muscle 10. Body Balance 1 1. President Cosy 12. Keep Fit

    13. Superior Enjoyable 14. Office Regimen 15. Health Recharge 16. Full-body Stretch

    Features of SL Fully Body Commercial Massage Chair | All-In-One Solution

    Unique Design With this design, you can engage in exercises using one arm or leg independently, or work both sides simultaneously, offering versatility and effective training options.
    Automatic Massage Programs 10
    Massage techniques 5
    Timer Yes
    3D massage Yes
    Manual massage
    Airbags Adjustable in 5 steps
    Legrest Extendable 20 cm
    Reflexology Yes. In three points and adjustable on 3 levels of intensity
    Tablet Yes. On armrest
    Upholstery PU leather
    Net weight of the armchair 133 kg

    Indulge in Ultimate Relaxation with the SL fully body Zero Gravity commercial massage chair

    Find a way to get a full-body massage every day in the comfort of your own house with various massages and settings based on your preferences. This zero gravity massage chairs brings the same features as $5,000 + massage chairs while providing stellar quality.

Unlimited Customizations, Unlimited Possibilities!

Customize your machine to fit your home gym by customizing the colour and fabric. From dozens of different configurations to choose from, we are the only company in Canada offering custom colours on commercial trainers and smith machines! Feel free to contact us about what customizations we can offer on your all in one trainer

Functional Trainers and Smith Machines

All custom colours, fabrics, and upgraded weight stacks are made to order and take roughly 60 days for production plus shipping time. 60 days is a rough estimate and can vary due to global circumstances. Please order as soon as possible for custom orders as even waiting one day can make a difference as it all depends on shipping schedules. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at any time at

This product is backed up by our lifetime hassle-free warranty. We stand by all our products and make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase

A lifetime warranty covers all components of the products under regular usage. We do not believe in a "Structural" warranty but believe in covering the entire product from defects. Befitnow Canada will not cover cosmetics as part of the warranty. We ensure that our products meet commercial and residential standards across Canada and US. We will always assist and ensure that your product is functioning as per requirements.

All parts are regularly stocked or can be easily obtained. We will cover all shipping costs for parts. We will never request for money from the customer if the claim is under warranty

For more information, go to "store policies"

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

We bought this chair for my dad, who has trouble getting around. It's been a huge help in relieving his arthritis pain. He uses it every night before bed and sleeps much better


My husband and I take turns using this chair every night. It's become a fun way to unwind together and de-stress before bed.

gagan bains

Pure luxury in every way. The rollers are incredible, and customization options are endless. An investment, but worth every penny.

Alexander Rodri

Bought this massage chair recently, and it's been great. The heat feature is soothing, and the zero-gravity function feels incredibly comfortable. Best investment for unwinding at home

Johnny Thrum
great investment

This chair has been amazing for my body. The variety of massage options and quiet operation create a serene experience that i love using daily. The full body massage mode is my personal favourite, as it seriously helps me relax after my day at work. overall great product and would recommend to anyone.

Omar Ali

I love this thing, the screen is super convenient and handy, 0 complaints.

Amara Chen

I actually can't believe how cheap this thing is, it's super luxurious and is packed with features, i'm so lucky to have found this listing because there's nothing else online that comes remotely close to this in quality for price.

Jonathan Owen
Love it!

What can I say, I love the chair!
This is an absolute steal for $1999. I've seen chairs for 10,000 + and that just blew my mind. No words, just love it

Ethan Wilson

I love the, heat option and multiple settings, Its one of the best in the market I can tell, It looks elegant and relaxing to use, Im gonna be sitting down all day with this, Very comfortable and extremely attractive. I got the chair because I get lower back spasms on occasion and this really helps that.

Emily Perez

This fully body massage chair is the best thing I've bought for myself no doubt, my back and my muscles is so much relax its like a theraphy to me, The strength of the back massage is surprisingly strong just the way I wanted!